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Urinary Tract Infections

By the age of 5 years ~ 8% of girls and ~ 1% of boys will have at least one UTI. They are more common in girls around the age of toilet training and in uncircumcised boys < 1 year of age.  A bacteria called E. Coli is the most frequent cause of UTI’s.


What Causes It?

See below


Is It Contagious?

No, UTI’s are not contagious.

What Puts My Child At Risk of Getting it?
  • VUR- an abnormal backward flow of urine from the bladder up towards the kidneys
  • An abnormality in the structure or function of the urinary tract
  • Poor toilet & hygiene habits
  • Use of bubble baths
  • Family history of UTI’s
  • H/O constipation
What are the signs and symptoms?

A younger child might have non-specific symptoms like fever, irritability, poor feeding or vomiting. Older children normally complain of urgency, frequency, painful voiding, new onset bed wetting, low back pain or abdominal pain or foul smelling urine that may look cloudy or contain blood.


When Should I Seek Help?

Call your pediatrician right away if you think your child might have a UTI.


What Will My Doctor Do?

A urine analysis in the office followed by a urine culture is needed for a definitive diagnosis of UTI. Prompt treatment with antibiotics cuts down the chances of complications.

How is it Diagnosed?

Urine analysis & urine culture are required to definitively diagnose a UTI. Knowing what bacteria are causing the infection can help your doctor choose the best medication to treat it. If an anatomic or functional abnormality is suspected, the doctor may order special tests like an ultrasound or a VCUG and may refer your child to a urologist.


What is the Treatment?

UTI’s are treated with antibiotics. The type of antibiotic used and the duration of treatment will depend on the type of bacteria that is causing the infection and on how severe it is. The doctor may also prescribe a medication that numbs the lining of the urinary tract for 1-2 days to provide pain relief. Encourage your child to drink plenty of fluids. Kids with a simple bladder infection are usually treated at home with oral antibiotics. Hospitalization is indicated for a very sick child who might have a kidney infection, age <6mo old, dehydration or suspected blood stream infection.


  • Frequent diaper changes specially after a bowel movement
  • Good hygiene after every bowel movement, girls should always wipe front to back
  • Avoid holding in urine when you feel the urge to go
  • Avoid bubble baths
  • Treat constipation


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